The Refounders, Inc

History of Our Organization

On January 19th, 2010, the first meeting of what is now known as “The Refounders” took place at the USA Family Restaurant in Mooresville, IN. An invitation to that nights “Grassroots Meeting” to discuss the future of our nation was placed in the local papers. We had no idea how many would answer our invitation to join us in the challenge to restore our republic to its rightful owners, The People. We were pleasantly surprised when the final count taken revealed that over 60 concerned patriots had ventured out to learn what this “Grassroots Meeting” was all about. We talked about the concerns we all have for our nation, our state and our communities. We talked about the need to return to our country’s founding principles of freedom and liberty and away from the slow death of socialism. About our common desire to refocus on family, faith, community based charity and to promote education, civic engagement and the responsibility we all have to take an active role in our own self-governance. During this initial meeting we were greeted kindly with words of encouragement and support from most of those in attendance. However, we were also met with some resistance from a local government official and political party member, with statements such as “You don’t know what you’re talking about!”, and questions like, “What do you think you’ll actually be able to accomplish?” Before the discussions ended, we asked for those who were willing to take ownership in this cause, to join us at the next meeting and form the leadership of this new endeavor. Some folks who came that evening never attended another function, meeting or event and slipped back into their comfortable slumber. Others participated, for a short while, by attending various candidate forums leading up to the primary elections that took place in May. We reconnected with a few dedicated individuals that had previously been involved in another group in Johnson County and asked them to join us. After taking a vote, the decision was made to join in our effort and became our currently most active group, The Refounders of Johnson County. Along with a few dedicated patriots from the first meeting in Morgan County, the leader of the Johnson County group and select leaders from a couple of successful and previously established groups in nearby counties, we formed the “organizing committee” and eventually the founding Board of Directors for The Refounders, Inc. We incorporated The Refounders, Inc. on February 15th, 2010 with the State of Indiana as a non-partisan, non-profit educational and charitable county based organization. Early on we knew our mission was to dedicate our efforts to the restoration and preservation of the Republic of the United States of America as it was originally envisioned by our Founders. Everything we do is measured against that purpose and mission. In the beginning, these individuals met frequently and worked very hard to develop what we believe is the foundation and structure for a long lasting organization that can have a significant impact on our communities and ultimately our children’s future. Today, we have a presence in both Morgan and Johnson Counties. We continually network to make connections with various other patriotic organizations and their leaders throughout this great state. We’ve had the opportunity over the past year to meet with a number of local and state officials, county sheriffs, county/state political party leaders and state/federal senators and representatives. For a group of average citizens, this has been a humbling and fulfilling experience. And we’ve only just begun! The Refounders organization is simply a shell, a vehicle or mechanism, to achieve our mission. Our members are the heart and soul of the organization. If you’re not yet “A Refounder” and would like to find out more, please take a look at our “Events Calendar” for upcoming events and activities. The best way to get to know about our organization is not by reading carefully crafted words on a website. It’s by coming out, meeting the folks that are making things happen and witnessing our efforts. Actions speak louder than words and the message is only as good as the character of the man who gives it. It has been said before and it remains true that “If we don’t do this with honor, character and integrity, we might as well go back home, because it will all be for nothing”.

USA Restaurant

Don Wallace                            Chairman

Barry Reid                               Vice-Chairman

Connie Dunham                      Secretary/Treasurer

Darryl Dunham                        Director

Pastor Michael Linville            Director

The Refounders, Inc